About us

The Beyond the Pen Story…..


Since we could remember we have always loved streetwear fashion, streetwear culture and all it entails from the food, the music, the community vibe, its whole essence. We remember how Michael Jordan changed the game from kids not only wanting to be like Mike, but also wanting to look good while doing it. How brands like Karl Kani and FUBU really displayed what it meant to love urban culture through apparel and through influential brand ambassadors who made the masses embrace this culture. Growing up in this urban culture where money was scarce but style and creativity wasn’t, it made us and those around us always strive to look our best even when our life wasn’t always the smoothest. We were taught, “if you look good you feel good”. Fast-forward to present day where our tenure in being streetwear aficionados runs many years long and us having a hustlers mentality runs even deeper. One random afternoon we thought of how “dope” it would be to take some of my design ideas and put them on t-shirts. Using the most powerful search engine on the planet, Google, we then realized that it was going to be a daunting task that we took creativity, perseverance, and resourcefulness. 

Louisville KY Light Up the Night Beyond the Pen Clothing Streetwear

Our first task was really mapping out what Beyond the Pen means. To us, where we are from ideas are plentiful but ideas that are brought to fruition are few and far between. We wanted the brand to mean forward thinking that evokes a positive brand message through apparel. The brand needed to make people question what can they “go beyond” in, in their own lives. When you write your ideas on paper, don’t let them just stay on paper and collect dust, take those ideas “beyond the pen” and make them into reality that shapes and molds your future. Imagine if everyone passed this message along, this world would be well beyond its years. We at Beyond the Pen Clothing just want to propel creativity through modern streetwear apparel with a message that can inspire and motivate people to become more than they ever thought they could. From Louisville, KY to the world!